School of Disciples

School of Disciples

Every Born again child of God in the church is qualified to enroll in the Discipleship school. In the school Iron sharpens Iron. At the very beginning is Class 101 for New Believers and Preparatory class for Water Baptism. Then it moves from 201 to 501 and then the Certificate Course of The Christ The Redeemer’s School of Disciples. - Sis. Kome Esedo (713 614 4812) : Discipleship Program Cordinator

101 Discipleship Class - Invitational Class
This class is exclusively for new believers and a preparatory class for Water Baptism. For more information please contact Sis. Abiodun Afolabi (713 855 8204) or Pastor. Nnamdi Egbuna (713 780 6890)

201 Discipleship Class – Instructional Class
This Class is open to new members of the church who are desirous to serve the Lord having being baptized by water immersion and require divine instructions and solid foundation for triumphant Christian Life and Deeper fellowship with the Holy Spirit. For more information please contact Sis. Kome Esedo (713 614 4812)

301 Discipleship Class – Relational Class
This Class is open to church workers who have being in service consistently for 24months in the church and have either passed through the 201 class or so recommended by the Pastor to join the class. It will be expected that all 301 participants be ready for responsibilities ranging from Outreaches to Cell group participation and ministry involvements. For more information please contact Bro. Emma Ekuma (832 549 1661)

401 Discipleship Class – Servant Leadership Class
This class is open to ministry leaders, departmental heads and assistants, cell group leaders and assistants and leaders at all levels. The core teaching in the class is leadership and Ministry.  For more information please contact Sis. Chinwe Kayode-Odusami (832 885 6702)

501 Discipleship Class – Ministerial and Intercessory
This Class is open to all Pastors, Assistant Pastors, ordained Ministers, Ministry Leaders, Intercessors, prayer team members. It’s focused on Character building, Ministerial discipline, intercessory sessions and leadership growth.

Christ the Redeemer’s Ministry - School of Disciples 
This is an arm of the RCCG, worldwide training school. RCCGNA school of Disciples overseers the North America branch with centers all over the country. The King’s Palace runs a center and it is opened to all truly born again Christians desperate to grow in the Christian faith and ready for sacrifice in the service of the Lord.
For more information please contact Pastor Nnamdi Egbuna (713 780 6890)

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